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72 Franklin St Worcester, MA 01608  •  Phone: (508) 304-9311

Worcester's Favorite Steak and Cheese SUBS

Ziggy Bombs is a rapidly growing company pushing the boundaries of what's to be expected of a steak and cheese. "Specialty Steak and Cheese", is the best way to describe our unique creations, Owner, Mike Devish, aka "Ziggy the Cook", has spent years honing his craft and creating a menu unlike anything else.
From pop ups, a food truck, and our first Brick and Mortar in Worcester, MA. Ziggy Bombs is on track to open several other locations and become synonymous with the most popular restaurant chains.

From creations like the, Pupu Platter Steak and Cheese combining the best of American cuisines for a truly unique experience, Zig Mac, Boom Boom with our signature house sauce, wings, and deep fried ribs, you will not be let down by our menu!

Find us at our first location in downtown Worcester, on the Ziggy Bomb food truck, or at many locations to come!
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